Welcome to the Butterfly Club reward point program.  The Butterfly Club reward program is simple!  Points are easy to earn and easy to redeem.  Earn 1 Point for every Dollar Spent.

How Butterfly Club point program works?

Welcome to the Butterfly Club reward point program.  The Butterfly Club reward program is simple!  Points are easy to earn and easy to redeem.  Earn 1 Point for every Dollar Spent.
Now, it has more ways to earn points and other great features and benefits. 
*This program currently offer for in-store only


Redeem your points and use it instantly. You can use the points as your payment.  You can start getting reward with 100 Butterfly Club points.  Your sales bill shows how many points you can redeem. The more you spend, the more you earn with Butterfly Club point program.

Membership Type

  Regular Member VIP Member VVIP Member
Spend per calendar year FREE C$200.00 C$500.00
Birthday Extra Point on your purchase 100pts 200pts 500pts


What Your Rewards Points are Worth

Points Balance Redemption Value
100 $2
200 $4
300 $8
400 $12
500 $18
800 $30
1000 $50



  • How do I join for the Butterfly Club? To join for the Butterfly Club, simply register as our membership in our Holika Holika store.
  • How do I earn Butterfly Club Points? For every qualifying purchase you make in Holika Holika store, earn 1 Butterfly Club Point for every dollar spent.  (*before tax)
  • How to earn extra Butterfly Club Points?  You will receive Extra Points on your birthday purchase.
  • How to earn Butterfly Club Points Faster?  You can earn  2X or 3X  faster on specific products or on Bonus Points Day.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The Program is a customer rewards program offered by Holika Holika (Canada).  The following terms and conditions govern the Program and shall be deemed to replace and take precedence over any previous terms and conditions.
  2. Holika Holika may, in its sole discretion, restrict, suspend, amend, extend or otherwise alter the terms and conditions relating to the Program (including earning and redemption rates) at any time and without prior notice. If the terms and conditions have been updated, Holika Holika will post the new terms and conditions on the Butterfly Club Point Program Website found at www.holikaholika.ca/butterfly-club (the “Program Website”) and note the date that they were last updated.  We encourage Members to review the terms and conditions relating to the Program each time they use the Program Website or redeem their Points. Holika Holika may, in its sole discretion, terminate all or any part of the Program at any time with 30 days’ prior notice.
  3. To participate in the Program, an individual must be a member of the Program (each, a “Program Member” or “Member”). All customers previously enrolled as members have been automatically transferred to the new Butterfly Club Point Program. Program membership is granted in Holika Holika’s sole discretion, and may be withdrawn or suspended in Holika Holika’s sole discretion with or without notice and without liability to Holika Holika. An application for enrollment into the Program may be completed at any Holika Holika Store in Canada. Only one Butterfly Club Point Program membership is available per customer.
  4. Holika Holika is not liable or responsible in any manner for any tax consequences which may flow from a Member’s participation in the Program. Program Members will be solely responsible for their own tax payments and reporting requirements (including those related to any income tax benefit), if any.
  5. Points can be earned by Program Members in connection with (a) purchases made at a Store,  regardless of method of payment, provided that the Butterfly Club Membership Number is presented/entered at the time of purchase, and (b) through other offers or promotions that may be offered by Holika Holika from time to time.
  6. Upon presenting/entering a valid Butterfly Club Membership Number while making a purchase, the Points will only be deposited into the Butterfly Club Member Account associated with the Primary Member, unless otherwise specifically permitted by Holika Holika.
  7. Butterfly Club Points are not transferable or assignable.
  8. The number of Points earned by a Member will depend on whether the purchase is made in a Store.   In addition, the number of Points earned on any purchases made at a Store will depend on several factors, including (i) whether Member presents/enters their Butterfly Club Membership Number, and (ii) whether the purchase includes any Excluded Products.
  9. Occasionally, through specified promotions, additional Points or other benefits may be awarded to certain Members.
  10. In order to earn Points in connection with a purchase made at a Store, the Member must, prior to the sale being completed, present his/her Butterfly Club Membership Number to the cashier.
  11. In the case of merchandise refunds, all Points awarded for that purchase will be automatically deducted from the Butterfly Club Membership Account used for the original purchase (regardless of whether or not the Butterfly Club Membership is presented at the time of return). Points will be deducted at the same rate as they were earned.
  12. Butterfly Club Points are typically shown on the receipt issued in respect of a purchase.  Points earned in connection with in-Store purchases are usually posted instantly.
  13. A Butterfly Club Membership Account is deemed to be inactive if Points are not earned in connection with such Account for 12 consecutive months. Once an Account is deemed to be inactive, all Butterfly Club Points in such Account may, in Holika Holika’s sole discretion, be deemed to have been forfeited by such Member, with or without notice.
  14. Butterfly Club Points can be redeemed for rewards. When enough Butterfly Club Points have been accumulated to obtain the reward(s) desired, redemption may occur in Stores.
  15. Holika Holikas personal information practices in connection with the Program, including the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal information, are governed by the Holika Holika privacy policy, which can be accessed at  http://www.holikaholika.ca/privacy/.   Please review this privacy policy and print a copy for your records.
  16. Use of a Program Member’s Butterfly Club at any time is deemed to constitute acceptance of the Butterfly Club terms and conditions in effect on the date of such use, either by such Member and any other Member sharing the same Butterfly Club Account. For greater certainty, use of a Member’s Butterfly Club at any time after these terms and conditions are amended is deemed to constitute acceptance of such revised terms and conditions. Publication of a revised version of the terms and conditions on the Program Website shall be deemed notice of such terms and conditions, where notice is required or permitted to be given hereunder.
  17. Holika Holika reserves the right of final explanation of this program.